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Food Packaging Design Safety Issues

May. 18, 2017

With the development of the domestic economy, the market of POF Anti-Fog Film is expanding. In order to ensure food safety, in the fierce competition in the market share, Shrink Film products packaging design should consider the following matters:

1.Food packaging design should highlight the food characteristics, improve food grade. In the homogenization of serious competition today, excellent and outstanding design can attract consumers eye and bring food sales.

2.Food packaging bags to be installed with the food characteristics, select the appropriate material for composite. Different foods have different characteristics and quality assurance requirements, specific issues have specific analysis, to extend the shelf life of food.

3.Food packaging labels must be specified in accordance with the following information: product description, name, trademark, production date, storage method, shelf life and so on. These information not only allows consumers to understand the food information, but also beautify the appearance. 

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