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How to Choose Material Of Heat Shrink Film?

May. 24, 2017

The material of Heat shrink film label is a decisive role, therefore, the choice is the key.So how to choose?

(1) Material thickness. The thickness of the film material is determined according to the application field,cost,film properties,shrinkage properties,printing process and labeling process requirements of the heat shrinkable label.Generally requiring the production of shrink film label film thickness should be 30-70 microns,commonly used film specifications are 40 microns and 50 microns.

(2)Material shrinkage.It is generally desirable that the shrinkage of the film should be within the application range and that the transverse (TD) shrinkage is higher than the longitudinal (MD) shrinkage.Commonly used materials of the lateral shrinkage is from 50% to 52% and 60% to 62%,in exceptional circumstances can reach 90%.Longitudinal shrinkage requirements are between 6% and 8%.In the production of shrink film labels, we should try to choose a small vertical shrinkage of the material.

(3)Environmental protection of materials.Heat shrinkable film is used mainly a variety of thermoplastic film.PVC, shrink film is gradually reduced,and a variety of PE, PP, PET, PETG, PVDC, OPS, OPP, POF and other multi-layer co-extrusion shrink film developed rapidly,become the mainstream in market.They have their own characteristics in terms of shrink characteristics,environmental protection,etc.When make choice,consider more please.

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