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Why Do We Use Anti-Fog Film in The Greenhouses?

Jun. 01, 2017

Why do we use Anti-Fog Film in the greenhouses?

The answer is that the generation of droplets from fog will cause two hazards to reduce the crop yield and quality.

1. A droplet is like a lens, greatly reduce the transparency of the film, seriously light transmission rate even will be less than 60% so that light can’t enter the shed, which is not conducive to crop photosynthesis, hinders the crop growth and development. If the light goes into the lens after focusing on the projection to the crop, will drive crop burning, damages the crop.

2. When small drops of water fall into the flowers, stems, leaves or fruit of crop, the crop is easy to be a certain physically damaged, so that crops are more likely to get frozen and live rot, directly which reduce the crop yield and quality. Therefore, using anti-fog film in the greenhouse can prevent the generation of droplets, thereby increase crop yield.

Anti-Fog Film