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Features of POF Anti-static Film Products

Jun. 09, 2017

1.        The  surface resistance is 107-109Ωcm, and it’s also environmental, non-toxic and  tasteless.


2.        There is  no static material migration phenomenon on POF anti-static film  surface.


3.        Process in  one thousand level clean environment with excellent  cleanliness.


4.        It has  excellent transparency, can be inspect in the state of the protective material  carrying out the appearance of optical film  ion


5.        Its low  viscosity sticky adheres after a small  change.


6.        Its  anti-static effect is excellent, possesses long-lasting performance and  stability.


7.        POF  Anti-static Film Products includes single-sided anti-static and double-sided  one, which strip with voltage: 0 KV.

POF anti-static film