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Special Packing of Shrink Film

Jul. 12, 2017

POF Shrink Film packaging machine adopts shrink film wrapped outside products or packages, after heating to shrink film wrapping products or packages, it will fully display the appearance of items, increase the sale of products, aesthetic value and sense.

Cross Linked Shrink Film is one kind of shrinkable film (POF heat shrinkable film can be divided into three types: ordinary film, high end film and crosslinked film). POF crosslinked film is suitable for mechanical packaging, especially suitable for packaging products with special needs, such as lottery tickets, banknotes, electronic products, and so on, and the shelf effect of crosslinked membrane is also better.

PVC shrink film is to use with heat shrink machine, the texture is crisp, shrink boot to shrink film blowing machine, shrink film will appear shrinkage phenomenon, if you operate properly will look good.PE film texture is relatively soft, when playing outside winding.