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Present Situation of POF Shrink Film Packing

Jul. 14, 2017

Now the domestic POF Shrink Film industry most uses the stand-alone package, along with the development of packaging machinery of domestic enterprises can not meet the market demand, but domestic packaging machinery is still in the imitation of foreign products, packaging machinery industry caused confusion in the market, with the change of the packaging machinery market demand will be pulled more and more far.

Domestic POF Shrink Film Manufacturer is still in the low stage, some high quality packaging equipment is still relying on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This phenomenon of excessive dependence has seriously restricted the sustained and stable development of the packaging industry in China, and also made some of the uncompetitive packaging machinery enterprises in China at an endangered situation. Therefore, experts pointed out that the low level development of packaging machinery will affect the rapid development of the entire packaging industry, so we must strive to change its backwardness.

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