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What is Cross Linked Shrink Film

Feb. 20, 2017

The changed polymer chains is cross linked to form a more durable and stronger material. Irradiated cross linking is the most common form of cross linking used for flexible packaging materials. Cross Linked Shrink Film has many advantages:

1. Increased puncture resistance: the cross linking of polymers increases puncture resistance make user to use thinner film, at the same time, still obtaining the same strength. Thinner film provide various benefits, the mainly is the cost, and provide better transparency, faster sealing and shrinkage.

2. Stronger seal strength: seal seam is the weakest point of shrink wrapped package, a standard Shrink Film can not have same seal strength with cross linked shrink film. Stronger seals reduce damaged packages.

3. Increased definition: Considerable strength of cross linked film increases shrink film clarity.

4. Less residue: For fully automatic machines that making thousands of seals daily, reducing residue is ideal choice for reducing the amount of replacement sealing and saving time.

Cross Linked Shrink Film