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Do You Know POF Printing Film Advantages and Application?

Feb. 22, 2017

POF Printing Film is suitable for printing picture with various colors and big sizes, and it is compatible with automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine. It has wide applications and various advantages.


1. High strength and excellent packaging integrity, cost-effective collation packaging.

2. High clarity, gloss and shrinkage rate, reliable performance consistently.

3. Versatile, POF printing film can parcel different shapes and sizes. 100% recyclable. Excellent glue adhesion.

4. Excellent sealing performance, strong tearing strength and high surface treatment.

5. POF printing film is environmental friendly products, it is good for BRJ brand presentation.


1. For food, beverage, household articles packing, like textile bag, cosmetic bag, shopping bags, plastic bag.

2. For raincoat material, shower/door curtain, or plastic, hardware package.

3. For stationery, agricultural cover, toys & books packaging.

4. For hand bag lining, outside tube of air conditioner, electric tape, electronic element, and audio products packaging.

POF Printing Film