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Application of Cross Linked Shrink Film

Feb. 27, 2017

Cross Linked Shrink Film is more expensive than standard shrink film, it is not the best choice for every application. Higher price is reasonable because it is a superior product than standard shrink film. Follows are some applications of cross linked Polyolefin Shrink Film.

High speed shrink wrapping: automatic shrink packing machine and semi auto shrink packing machine producing thousands of products every day is perfect for cross linked shrink film.

Heavy products: 100 gauge cross linked shrink film is stronger and provide more seal strength. A cross linked 100 gauge polyolefin film is a better option instead of polyethylene shrink film.

Lightweight products: cross linked shrink film maybe a better way for light weighing products. A lighter 45 gauge cross linked shrink film can supply professional packing with lower cost than standard 60 gauge polyolefin shrink film.

Products with sharp edges: cross linked film is a better choice for sharp edges products and corners because of its strength. The Cross linked Film can contact customer without being falsification.

Cross Linked Shrink Film

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