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What is the Features of POF Printing Film?

Mar. 03, 2017

In the paper products mounted on a layer of transparent plastic Shrink Film, that is the film, like the cover in the product brochure, the outer surface of the carton, they are easy to wear, if you need a protective film, then use it after printing, before folding and cutting. POF Printing Film is transparent and has good toughness, uniform texture, no trachoma bubbles, its surface is flat. Its main feature is high strength, high transparency, high gloss, excellent glue adhesion. POF printing film can used for packaging bag, raincoat material, stationery, agricultural cover, shower curtain, business card and so on. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Consistently and reliable property.

2. High strength for superior packing integrity.

3. Cost effective collation packing.

4. Enhances brand presentation.

5. 100% recyclable.

POF Printing Film