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Featured 12mic Polyolefin Film

Mar. 13, 2017

Now Polyolefin Shrink Film are widely used in daily necessities, food, beverages, alcohol, electrical, toys and other products need packaging outside. Its excellent shrinkage make it to be the first choice for heat shrinkable packaging. There has 12mic Polyolefin Film, 15mic, 19mic, 25mic, 30mic polyolefin film. Follows are its features:

1.High transparency and shrinkage, it can up to 75%.

2.High intensity and heat sealing, it suitable for half automatic, high speed automatic, manual packaging. 

3.High cold resistance and suitable for storage and transportation.

4.Perfect welding property, heat sealing and easy to wrapping.

5.Air proof wrapping, damp resistance, dust resistance.

Polyolefin Shrink Film