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Premium Shrink Film and Soft Shrink Film

Mar. 15, 2017

BRJ supply various perfect packaging solutions for your kinds of products. Here we talk something about premium Shrink Film and soft shrink film.

Premium shrink film supply 60 and 75 gauge center fold formats.

It is oriented and Cross Linked Film polyolefin based. 

It has excellent strength and functional, suitable for multi packaging and heavier products. 

Recyclable highly and meet standard requirements.

Soft shrink film supply 60 gauge center fold formats. Commonly used for gentler products and convert paper products, textiles and other lightweight products.

Bairuijia Plastic Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has been in line of manufacturing polyolefin shrink film, cross linked film, POF printing film for many years, and enjoy high reputation. We are the best POF Factory in China, welcome to contact and visit us.

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