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How to Distinguish the Quality of POF Shrink Film?

Mar. 24, 2017

The quality of POF Shrink Film is mainly reflected in the toughness, generally we can not see the shrink film quality with eyes, it looks at are a kind, or the different factor is only the color. Discrimination method: shrink the film after packaging, poke a hole with a finger, if the poke is just a finer hole, then the shrink film quality is good, toughness is ok, the difference between those poke up is a long burst open of the poor toughness, it can not achieve the protective effect. There has 25mic Polyolefin Film, 19mic, 30mic, 12mic, 15mic, the price is different, so when you choose a shrink film, not only look at the purchase of packaging price, but also see how about its quality, do not lose big.

POF Shrink Film