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What is The Difference Between Cellophane and Shrink Film?

Mar. 27, 2017

Cellophane is a layer of plastic paper containing stickers, it only plays a role in shielding and no other function. Shrink Film is a layer of plastic paper, but it will be extended after the temperature changes, although it looks like a layer of film, its technical content and parameters are not the same, and there has ten basic structure layers: the first is transparent film gelatin protective layer. The second layer is pressure sensitive adhesive layer. The third layer is anti-ultraviolet isolation layer. The fourth layer is radiation protection layer. The fifth layer is metal insulation film layer. The sixth is AAA, PET based layer. The seventh is fixed adhesive layer. The eighth is antioxidant isolation layer, ninth is wear resistant coating layer. The tenth is aerobic neutralization coating. Each layer has different function, it has good shrinkage performance and easy to load. BRJ Company can supply 30mic Polyolefin Film, POF shrink film with excellent quality and best service. 

Shrink Film