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What is The Material of Shrink Film and Shrink Film Bag?

Apr. 07, 2017

Material of POF Shrink Film has high transparency, and it is soft, flexible and difficult to puncture, the thinnest thickness is 1.2 silk meters, the thickest is 3.5 silk meters, width is 1.8 meters. Thickness is uniform.

PE shrink film bag slightly hazy and hard, shrinkage is about 35%-55%. PVC shrink film, color is light blue or transparent color, material is slightly hard and crisp. PET shrink film, monolithic material is transparent and smooth. Transverse shrinkage is 75%, longitudinal shrinkage is 0-1%, commonly used in label shrinkage. 

shrink film or other POF Shrink Film Bag, is a special equipment on the linear, LLDPE as the middle layer and PP as the inner and outer, take the three layer of common extrusion through special process to form shrink film with high transparency, high shrinkage and heat sealing performance.

POF Shrink Film