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Physical and Chemical Property of POF Shrink Film

Apr. 10, 2017

1.POF Shrink Film physical property is thin and tough, uniform thickness, soft texture and has good moisture. PE shrink film tear strength is lower than POF. 

2.POF shrink film is not hard, not brittle, not easy to break, it can be used for frozen food packaging. There has anti-fog treatment and anti-static, that is POF Anti-Fog Film. It can keep product clean and bright. 

3.In process it does not produce water and will not stick to the bar, easy to maintenance and operation. High toughness, smoothness and anti-rubbing make it suitable for high speed production line automatic packaging. 

4.After shrink packaging, the seal at the corner is soft, will not cut the staff, and resistant to rub.

5.Environmental health and non-toxic, processing does not produce toxic odor, in line with the US standards FDA and USDA.

POF Shrink Film