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Failure and Maintenance of Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

Apr. 13, 2017

Automatic shrink packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machinery, it is mainly used Shrink Film to wrapped products. Its common electrical failure and maintenance are as follows:

1.Pls failure: there are two ways to repair it: more convenient is to use the programmer to modify the program, the damaged output point will be modified as a backup output point, while adjust the line.

2.Close to the switch failure: the fuse can be close to the switch in parallel to install a switch with the same type, double switch in parallel to work to improve its reliability. 

3.Magnetic switch failure: adjustable cylinder and its two position five-way solenoid valve on the throttle, adjust the small compressed air flow, reduce the cylinder speed, until the magnetic switch can detect the signal so far. 

4.Solenoid valve failure: listen carefully and hand search for leaks.

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