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Shrink Film Packaging Technology and Advantages

Apr. 19, 2017

Shrink Film packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods of the market, using shrink film wrapped in product or packaging outside, after heating to shrink thin film wrap products or packaging pieces, fully display the appearance of goods, improve product sales, and increase the sense of beauty and value. At the same time the goods can seal, moisture-proof, pollution prevention, and protect the goods from the external shocks, has a certain cushion, especially when packaging fragile goods, can prevent the vessel to disperse. Furthermore, the possibility of dismantling and theft of products can be reduced.

Production technology and characteristics shrink film production is usually produced by extrusion blow molding or extrusion flow extension method to produce thick film, then the softening temperature above, the melting temperature of a high elastic temperature under the longitudinal and transverse stretching, or only in one direction of stretching, and the other direction not stretching, the former is called biaxial tensile contraction film, and the latter is called one-way shrink film. When used, the packing of merchandise is wrapped up in a reliable contraction when it is greater than the stretching temperature or close to the tensile temperature.

                             POF Shrink Film

Classification of Shrink Film packaging Packaging:

POF Shrink Film

POF is mostly used in food packaging (cartons, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, record commodities, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative tags)

PE Shrink Film

The weight of the quality of the packaging goods (beverage, flooring, building materials, etc.)


PVC Shrink Film

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Heat shrinkable film is made of vinyl chloride monomer polymerization for polyvinyl chloride resins and then chemically modified PVC resin by blowing or calendering method to produce PVC heat shrinkable film. PVC Shrink Film has a good transparence and high shrinkage rate. Between the Guan Mao of La Guan Mao Day, and its low cost of tensile strength, large temperature shrinkage range, the heat source requirements are not high. The main processing heat source is the combination of hot air, infra-red or both. However, PVC shrink film is environmentally friendly and difficult to recycle. Toxic gases are produced during combustion. It is not conducive to environmental protection, in Europe and Japan have been banned. and the relative density of PVC and pet materials is about 1133%. It is difficult to separate the two areas in the recycling process for the current level of technology. But in China because of environmental requirements is not very high market sales situation is better, in the field of hot Shrink label PVC is still the most important material.


PVDC Shrink Film

PVDC (poly vinylidene chloride) is a non-toxic tasteless, safe and reliable high barrier material. In addition to the general energy of plastics, also has oil resistance

Corrosion resistance, flavor and excellent moisture-proof, mildew, can directly contact with food and other properties. At the same time also have excellent printability. High crystallinity and high-density determine the PVDC copolymer has good oxygen-isolating, gas-isolating and flavour-preserving. Because of the symmetry of molecular structure and strong intermolecular cohesion, oxygen molecules and water molecules are difficult to move in PVDC molecules. PVDC Shrink film is mainly used for packing cold meat.

  Pet Shrink Film

  Pet (Polyester) film is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly heat shrinkable membrane material. Polyester Shrink film is a new type of heat shrinkable packaging material. Pet Heat shrinkable Film

  The main features are: low-temperature shrinkage, high shrinkage, fast contraction, burning non-toxic and small fever. Pet Hot Shrink Film has a good transparency, gloss and heat sealing performance is suitable for high-speed packaging equipment. High shrinkage rate and excellent packing effect. Small density and low packing cost. Soft and tough, high strength, low temperature will not hair hard and brittle. Non-toxic harmless suitable for food, medicine and other packaging is the ideal green packaging materials. Heat seal will not produce toxic gas barrier good, good moisture performance, with electrostatic elimination, not easy to stain dust and other advantages.

  PETG Shrink Film

  The PETG film is specially applied to high performance shrink film. The final shrinkage ratio of greater than 70% can be packed in complex shape containers, with high plastic suction, high transparency, high gloss, low fog, easy to print, easy to fall off, storage time of natural shrinkage low. The PETG film of bidirectional stretching is suitable for high-grade packaging, printing, electronic appliances, cable dressing, insulating materials and high-quality substrates in various industrial fields. Unidirectional stretch pet, heat shrink film is applicable to various canned polyester bottles, various containers and other topical labels. In general geometry complex bottle bodies often choose PETG materials as labeling materials. This is because the PETG resin is conducive to environmental protection its resin shrinkage temperature than PVC and OPC low, compared with other competing materials, PETG temperature shrinkage changes relatively smoothly. These properties make it possible to have more precise control over the thermal contraction of the labels in the hot drying path.