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The Advantage of Cross Linked Shrink Film

Apr. 21, 2017

1. Cross Linked Shrink Film ratio is higher (bi-directional is above 70%, POF membrane is 60%), shrinkage temperature decreases.

2. compared with POF membrane heat sealing strength is high, heat seal temperature range is wide.

3. The surface friction of the film after the crosslinking of the film is not available to the delamination problem of POF.

4. The shrinkage of the crosslinking membrane was lower than the POF Shrink Film during aging treatment and storage.

5. cross-linking Film thickness uniformity is superior to non-crosslinking membrane.

6. cross-linking film stiffness and surface hardness increase, surface mechanical scratch resistance.

Cross Linked Shrink Film

7. cross-linked membranes have higher impact strength than non-cross-linked membranes.

8. The high shrinkage and low shrinkage of cross-linked contraction membranes can be made by special formulations and process control parameters, and POF membranes are not available.

9. due to the decrease of the initial contraction temperature of cross-linked membranes, the shrinkage time is increased to some extent in the process of packaging, and the chances of deformation and damage are reduced by the contraction process.

10. The lower initial shrinkage temperature and wide thermal sealing temperature range for the packaging and contraction equipment, to a certain extent, lower than the use of POF membrane to reduce the user's equipment investment.

11. cross-linked membrane compared with ordinary pof is more critical to cross-linked pof membrane toughness, more transparent, cross-linked film can be fully automated packaging machine production. For manufacturers, automated production, can save a lot of labor, and workers production hazards, reduce production time, produce greater benefits.