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How Much Temperature Shrinks the Best Effect of POF Shrink Film Bag?

Apr. 27, 2017

POF Shrink Film Bag thickness, raw materials determine the shrink temperature and effect. Generally the best shrink temperature of 0.015mm thickness shrink film is 150℃, the greater the thickness, the required shrinkage temperature is higher, 0.02mm shrink film required more higher temperature, it is about 170℃ or so. It is reasonable to say that the higher the temperature, the better the shrinkage effect, on condition that the film will not be damaged, and the speed is proportional to the temperature, this should be based on your actual operation to control the temperature and speed, to achieve the best results. The POF Shrink Film process is completed once, so the recommended speed is relatively fast and temperature is relatively high, so the effect will be better. It is noteworthy that the different seasons on the adjustment of the temperature of shrinking machine is not the same. If the weather is relatively cold, shrink the temperature should be properly increased. 

POF Shrink Film Bag