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Analyze The Stability Ttrength Of POF Shrink Film

Sep. 27, 2018

Ordinary POF Shrink Film is currently the mainstream product in the Chinese market. Most of them are three-layer co-extruded structures, two surface layers are polypropylene, and the core layer is linear low-density polyethylene. Compared with the traditional PE shrink film and PVC shrink film, the body of the pof shrink film is soft, and the tear strength, puncture strength and low temperature resistance are also good. Therefore, it has greatly replaced the PE shrink film and PVC shrink film market.

The Cross Linked POF Shrink Film is a further upgrade of the ordinary POF film. It is different from the PP/PE/PP coextrusion structure of ordinary POF film. The crosslinked POF is a pure PE structure. After cross-linking, its physical properties, heat-sealing strength is greatly improved compared with ordinary POF film, and the adaptability to the packaging machine is better.

The polypropylene of the pof Shrink Film surface layer generally uses a copolymerized PP having a relatively low melting point and a wide melting range, especially a terpolymer PP, to facilitate inflation stretching and low temperature heat sealing of the second bubble. The core layer of polyethylene typically uses linear low density polyethylene to provide a second bubble stability and high tear strength.

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