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What Factors Affect the Heat Sealing Effect of POF Shrink Film?

Oct. 18, 2017

Products of POF Shrink Film Manufacture has good packaging effect, when in use will need to do heat sealing treatment sometimes. But during this operation, it is easily affected by a number of factors, leading to thermal shrinkage film sealing effect is not ideal.

Heat sealing temperature is one of the very important influence factors, too high or too low temperature will affect the sealing effect, so the temperature regulation and grasp need debugging slowly and can not act with undue haste. In addition, many heat shrinkable machine control the length of the heat seal according to the speed of the machine. Usually, under the same temperature and pressure conditions, the longer the sealing time, the stronger the thermal cover. But for a long time time it will have wrinkles, uneven phenomenon of heat sealing, so the time needed to grasp.in order to increase the sealing strength of Polyolefin Film, heat sealing pressure is essential. If hot not enough, or too metropolitan effect is not ideal, there will be heat sealing effect of bubbles and bad.

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