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POF Shrink Film Packaging is the First Choice for Restaurants Disinfect the Packaging of Dishes

Nov. 06, 2017

Guests go to the restaurant must to see its hygiene for the first time, clean dishes using POF Shrink Film packaging, let a person look at ease and comfort. Polyolefin Shrink Film has following good features:

1.Tensile strength and impact resistance. Excellent transparency and firko luster.

2.High shrinkage, heat matching, close without leaving carbon trace.

3.Low temperature resistance, soft and excellent touch, shrink without leaving a sharp hard angle, will not scratch your users.

4.The friction coefficient is low, and this makes the packaging machine move more smoothly, improve the packaging speed, save working hours.

5.Good moisture and air barrier property, make your product in storage or sale, no damp, smell not loss.

6.It is safe food grade Polyolefin Film which not harmful to human health.

7.Non toxic, in the heat sealing processing does not produce toxic gas.

8.Good cold resistance, especially in winter, not hard, not brittle, transport is not easy to rupture.

POF shrink film has wide application, not only used in food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many design, in addition, the prices is appropriate. It is beautiful, safe and sanitary, why not choose it?

Polyolefin Shrink Film