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The Applications Of Cross Linked Film

Nov. 21, 2018

Cross Linked Film is more expensive than standard psychologist picture and is not ideal for every application. The higher cost is often justified because it is a superior product over conventional shrink film. See below for recommended applications of cross linked Polyolefin Shrink Film.

High Speed Shrink Wrapping - Totally automatic shrink wrap machines and semi car machines wrap thousands of merchandise daily are ideal for cross connected Shrink Film. For completely automatic machines, a cross linked polyolefin shrink film will radically decrease headaches.

Lightweight Products - For mild products weighing several ounces, a cross connected psychologist movie could possibly be the thing to do. A milder 45 judge crossover connected shrink film might offer expert packaging at less price compared to a standard 60 estimate polyolefin shrink film.

Heavy Products - A 100 gauge cross connected psychologist movie is more powerful and provides more seal power than a conventional 100 gauge shrink film. A typical 100 gauge psychologist picture is often not powerful enough to get a heavier merchandise. Rather than visiting a polyethylene shrink film, a cross connected 100 estimate polyolefin film could possibly be a better choice to try.

Products Using Sharp Edges - due to the higher potency of a Cross Linked Shrink Film it may often be a better choice for goods with sharp corners and edges. The cross connected film can help guarantee products will reach clients without being tampered with. 

Cross Linked Film