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The Difference Between PVC Bags And POF Shrink Film Bag

Oct. 10, 2018

High heeled polyolefin shrink bags are especially designed to be FDA compliant for direct contact with food. 

POF Shrink Film Bag is soft and malleable in comparison with PVC bags nevertheless the substance remains robust and exceptionally tear resistant. This substance is known as"smoke-free". Pre made totes will help accelerate your packing operation and will create crystal clear packaging in moments. 

These bags are best for archival packaging. Bags are freezer safe and may be used for cold storage. Polyolefin Film needs a temperature between 250 - 320 degrees Fahrenheit to psychologist. 

POF Film is great for shrink wrapping all goods such as food items. POF is powerful and elastic, thicker than PVC film and doesn't become yellow and brittle with age. POF provides higher shrinkage prices in most directions compared to PVC. Highly tear resistant with exceptional optical proerties. POF Film is excellent for packaging strangely shaped things without"dog ear" corners. Powerful skin tight picture extends the shelf life of products and protects products from dust, oil and moisture damage.

We are the leading distributor of POF Shrink Film in China. And continue to expand our product line to meet your needs. 

POF Shrink Film Bag