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How To Print On Shrink Film?

Oct. 12, 2018

Now I will share with you how the children and I created some charms using the exact same technique. These charms may select loom bracelets, key chains, party favors....you name it and you can most likely make it using Shrink Film

1.Pick your own images. For charms, your printed pictures should be approximately 1″-4″ in dimension. You might choose to save the pictures to your own computer and change the size by using Word record.

2.Gently sand one side of this Shrink Film with 220 or 320 grit sand paper and wipe the dust away.

3.Printing your picture on the coated side of this POF Shrink Film with your printer's cheapest picture quality- the one which uses least quantity of ink possible. Additionally, you might choose to publish a test conducted on newspaper.

4.Remove from oven and let cool. The movie ought to be thick and tough, and also a great deal bigger. In case the design pliers or curls you may flatten it out and warmth for a moment.

5.Today China Shrink Film layouts are prepared! Add a jump ring and create a necklace or charm bracelet, add into a loom ring bracelet, create an integral string, put in a magnet, or anything you desire.