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Several Advantages Of Multi-layered Shrink Film

Oct. 26, 2018

Throughout the creation of Multi-layered Shrink Film, every coating is formed separately, which causes the rise in power by 15-20%, in contrast to similar single-layer movie depth. This makes it feasible to decrease the film thickness without compromising its functionality attributes and correctly pick the movie formulation to the specialized characteristics of the packing equipment. What's more, the decrease in the film thickness makes it feasible to reduce the temperature from the heat tube, that conserves energy.

Benefits of product packaging Using multi-layer Shrink Film:

Decrease of Packing material Depth without Sacrificing strength properties (Compared with a single-layer Movie )

Significant energy conserving

Protection of Products from damage during transport

Avoidance of unauthorized introduction of Products

Convenient company of storage centers

Visual control of goods

Bairuijia is the Multi-layered Shrink Film Manufacturer for a multiple and cordwood packaging.

Multi-layered Shrink Film