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Some Properties And Application Fields of POF Shrink Film

Aug. 03, 2018

POF Shrink Film blue in the lower part and yellow in the upper part. There is a little black smoke and oil smell.

Main performance:

1, colorless, high transparency.

2, the tensile strength, the impact strength and the stiffness are excellent.

3, cold resistance, good heat resistance: -40~120 C.

4. The performance of steam resistance is very good, and the performance of oxygen resistance is poor.

5, generally used as an ordinary shrink bag, or folding film, used in automatic machines.

Usage: POF is the most commonly used packaging surface material, especially in the case of low packaging requirements, commonly used thickness of 15 micron, 1.9 micron, 2.5 micron. It is suitable for most light packing. Because the surface layer is PP, it can be popularized and applied in the printing field.

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POF Shrink Film