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POF Shrink Film Plays An Important Role In Our Production And Life

Jan. 08, 2019

As a green and environmentally friendly packaging material, POF Shrink Film has developed rapidly since its inception in the last century, with great development potential and optimistic development prospects. The POF shrink film has been hailed as the most environmentally friendly Fast Packaging Film in the 21st century by the developed countries such as the United States, and has since become popular in countries around the world.

Today, with the depletion of energy and increasingly serious environmental pollution, the use and development of Polyolefin Shrink Film conforms to the development trend of the current era, adapts to the development requirements of the market, and meets the requirements of people's use and use.

POF Shrink Film is mainly designed by the principle of high molecular chain stretch orientation, and is formed by its quenching and setting method. The main physical principle is: when the polymer is in a high elastic state, it is stretched and oriented, but when it is high. When the material is quenched to the glass transition temperature, the molecular orientation will be frozen, and when the article is packaged, it is heated. Under the condition of the sudden heat and quenching, the intense movement of the molecules produces stress relaxation, and the molecules are restored to their original state. Underneath, there will be shrinkage. Therefore, it has the advantages of strong sealing, excellent tear resistance and high shrinkage.

POF Shrink Film