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Do You Know the Application of POF Shrink Film?

Jul. 17, 2018

As professional POF Shrink Film Manufacturer in China, today we will introduce the application of POF Shrink Film in domestic market.

(1) it has been widely used in the fields of fast food, ceramic products, tea sets and mechanical parts;

(2) it is of great significance to apply the method of replacing anti-rust oil with heat-shrinkable film and gas-phase anti-rust technology in military machinery and hardware tools to enhance anti-rust capability;

(3) heat shrinkable film is also the protective god of construction and transportation materials. It is applicable to the packaging of many products and the packaging with pallets, which is convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, saving labor and material resources, and can partially replace the packaging of cartons and wooden cases.

(4) it is used for various PET bottled beer and beverage labels, which can reduce the process of removing labels and facilitate recycling and reuse;

(5) it is used to pack bottled beer instead of tied rope to prevent explosion and injury of bottled beer. The selection of heat shrinkable film customers will usually first consider the specific selection mode from the cost.

POF Shrink Film