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A Summary of the Advantages of POF Shrink Film

Jul. 24, 2018

As POF Shrink Film Supplier, today we will introduce the advantages of POF Shrink Film.

1. Strong toughness: good sealing, good shrinkage and close molecular structure.

2. High transparency: no pattern, no crystal spots, high gloss and transparency.
3. Uniform thickness: the sealing temperature is between 200-290 and the thickness is uniform.
4. high shrinkage: POF Shrink Film has high shrinkage rate, so it is suitable for all kinds of product packaging.
5. cold resistance is strong: POF shrink film even at 20 degrees below zero can also maintain flexibility, product shrinkage is perfect.
POF heat shrinkable film is a kind of transparent, shrinkable, environmentally safe and tearing resistant packaging film. In the process of production, the film is drawn to various shapes, regardless of the direction of tensile and tension, so that the POF heat shrinkable film is packed on the surface of the product and forms a transparent seal on the surface. The film is firmly wrapped around the outside of the product, like a protective film.

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