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The Application of POF Shrink Film in Food and Beverage Industry

Feb. 09, 2018

POF Shrink Film is widely used in food and beverage industry, for example in the restaurant industry, the tableware disinfection packaging film used is the Polyolefin Film, the appearance is neat and transparent, it can be printed the hotel name or logo, there are chopsticks film. Sometimes we also use it to pack meat, vegetables and so on, to keep the fruit fresh and convenient for storage and handling.

In the supermarket, we see a lot of food, such as children’s drink, yogurt, beverage and other packaging, also use polyolefin shrink film. Because POF contact food indirectly, it is harmless and has no peculiar smell, so it is widely applied in may industries, the price is not expensive, has gain good reputation.

Polyolefin Film