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What Are the Contraction Modes of The POF Shrink Film?

Dec. 19, 2017

POF Shrink Film has many shrinkage methods, the specific use of which is based on the users’ requirements, follows are several common used shrinkage:

1.The simplest way of contraction is the blower to make the film shrink after heating. However, the temperature of the household electric drier is not easy to achieve, and you can choose industrial blower. This method is only suitable for several Polyolefin Shrink Film with low shrinkage temperature.

2.A polyolefin film produced by hot water or hot steam to heat the film.

3.Use a hot air gun. This method can make the film reach a certain temperature in short time, so that it can shrink quickly.

The three are relatively simple and low cost contracting methods, which are suitable for some users who are not strict in shrinkage and consume less. But for professional packaging users can consider using a shrink machine for packaging. This can improve production efficiency and has ideal effect.

Polyolefin Shrink Film