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What Is the Shrink Film of the Grapefruit?

Jan. 26, 2018

There are many fruit on the market. We often see there is a layer of wrapping shrink film outside on the grapefruit, actually that is the POF Shrink Film.

Using POF shrink film packaging grapefruit, first it can play the role of dust and moisture proof, secondly, moisture can be maintained, not easy to evaporate. And the film is anti bump, which is very convenient. 

Why the Polyolefin Shrink Film is suitable for packing fruit?

1.It is environmentally friendly, it is very safe and reliable to use indirect food packaging.

2.Its transparency is high, the product after packaging is beautiful and generous.

3.The thickness is thinner, which is used to pack fruit and it is economical. It can replace the traditional multilayer packaging. It is more and more popular with customers in the market.

Polyolefin Shrink Film