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POF Shrink Film Is the Main Tone of Green Environmental Protection

Nov. 17, 2017

POF Shrink Film packaging is suitable for different specifications of flexibility, especially small size product bundle packaging. Small size cluster beer packaging is more flexible and easier to carry, so it is becoming more and more popular with consumers. It is found that the biggest reason for Polyolefin Film packaging technology are the following: lower cost, promote sales, increase shelf display effects. With the shrink film packaging to make the packaging form diversification, more conducive to promotion, and has flexibility for different specifications, especially small size product bundle packaging in pharmaceutical industry, shrink film packaging replacement can save nearly 10 million yuan. Polyolefin shrink film is mainly used in the beverage packaging, soft drinks packaging, dairy products packaging, pure water packaging market and so on, the market potential is amazing. BRJ is China top POF Shrink Film Manufacturer and supplier.

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