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How To Determine The POF Shrink Film Size According to the Size of Object?

Jan. 03, 2018

Generally the specifications of POF Shrink Film used by the automatic shrink film machine are all folded. When the user purchases the folding film from the Shrink Film Manufacturer, they will be asked to provide some data and more detailed information. For example, the width of the contractile film, the thickness of the monolayer, opening direction of the shrink film and so on. We here provide a approximate calculation of POF folding film. 

The width of the membrane can be calculated through the size of the object. When the size of object is available, its width add height, and increase to 6 centimeters or so, that is the width of the folded film. This algorithm is only suitable for POF folding film, because the shrinkage rate of each kind of polyolefin film is different, the calculation method is different.

POF Shrink Film