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What Are the Factors Affect the Shrinkage Effect of POF Shrink Film?

Jan. 30, 2018

Some customers get POF Shrink Film samples for trial use, and the shrinkage effect is not satisfactory. They think they are the quality problems, but there are many factors affect the shrinkage effect of Polyolefin Shrink Film.

1.The temperature of heat seal affects the heating effect, so for temperature adjustment and control, we need to slow it down.

2.The full automatic packer and old bag heat shrinkable machine control the time of the heat seal according to the machine speed.

3.Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, the longer the heat seal time is, the stronger the thermal cover will be. However, for too long time, there will be wrinkles and uneven heat sealing. So time needs to be grasped.

4.In order to increase the heat sealing strength, heat sealing pressure is essential factor. 

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