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The Difference Between PVC, Polyethylene And Polyolefin Shrink Film

Oct. 30, 2018

If it comes to deciding on the correct Shrink Film for your small business and merchandise, the quantity of choices available on the marketplace may frequently be confusing and misleading. Our news is here to assist you ascertain the principal differences in shape and use of the 3 key kinds that we typically select.

Polyvinyl (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and Polyolefin Shrink Film have many different applications, however they are most often viewed on the shelves of food and retail shops. Each one of these sorts of movies has distinct capabilities and attributes which make them appropriate for a particular program.

Each kind of Multi-layered Shrink Film mentioned above has been co-extruded. This is the procedure the wrapping goes through to achieve its final shape. In this procedure, at least two layers of material have been combined to form one layer. These layers could be created from polymers which each have a slightly different chemical type. Co-extrude is generally utilized while the combination of layered stuff benefits the last packaging, by way of instance, it can make the movie a whole lot stronger, easier to shape or supplies a more appealing look.

If you have any questions regarding POF Shrink Film and which material is most suitable for your product and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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