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What are the Advantages of POF Shrink Film in Packaging Boxes?

Mar. 16, 2020

The benefits of POF Shrink Film are many, mainly depending on where it is used, and the range of use is wide. Now POF heat shrinkable film is the most widely used and fastest new type of environmentally friendly packaging shrinkage film in the world. He uses an advanced special process of biaxial stretching and three-layer melt coextrusion to produce shrinkable bags with high transparency and high Shrinkage rate, high toughness, high heat-sealing performance, excellent antistatic, cold resistance, etc., are safe and reliable soft shrink films. POF shrink film is a commonly used outer packaging material, which has the advantages of compact packaging, transparent and beautiful, strong fit and so on.

POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

The main function of the shrink film is to stabilize the product, cover the product and protect the product; its thickness is uniform, the material is clear, and the transparency is high, and the product packaged inside can also clearly show its characteristics. Out; POF shrink film also has the characteristics of moisture and corrosion resistance, tensile strength is relatively high, good protection for items, can effectively prevent the product from getting wet or scratched. The characteristics of POF shrink packaging are different from those of other shrink films. The four corners of the sealing are soft, which will not cut human hands and is resistant to rubbing. After PE shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are soft and will not cut human hands. After PVC shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are hard and sharp, and it is easy to cut and bleed. It is worth noting that the temperature of the heat shrinking machine is different in different seasons. For example, the weather is colder now, and the shrinking temperature should be adjusted appropriately. There are also different heat generating parts for different shrinking machines from POF Manufacturers. The actual heating effect is also different, and some may not reach the adjusted temperature. This should also be paid attention to during actual shrinking. To achieve the best shrinkage effect, you need to test a little bit in actual operation to gradually adjust the temperature to the best.

The reason why POF shrink film shrink box looks good is because his material is softer and has a higher shrinkage rate. It is not as hard as PVC shrink film, and the shrinkage rate is not high. A slight deviation in the shrinkage product size will be ugly. POF shrink film is relatively easy for samples to make goods. As long as the length, width, and height of the product are available, the corresponding bag size can be calculated. The shrinkage is also quite beautiful and graded. And compared with other types of heat shrinkable film packaging, POF heat shrinkable film packaging has a lower unit cost, and has a larger density and a thin thickness, which has a greater advantage in terms of production costs. He also has the function of preventing low temperature, which can remain unchanged in the environment of minus 50 ℃, and it can be stored in the environment of -95 ℃ for a long time after being shrink-wrapped, keeping the original state stable and unchanged. Our company also has 25mic Polyolefin Film on sale, welcome to consult.