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Do you know the common sense of POF Plastic Film?

Jan. 13, 2020

POF monolithic film is widely used in beverages, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, food, gifts, and other packaging. It is the basic raw material for the printing composite industry. POF monolithic film mainly produces high-vacuum films (including color films), High vacuum paper (including color aluminized paper), anodized aluminum, aluminized non-woven fabric, cigarette liner paper, water-soluble paint for aluminizing.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

Polyolefin Shrink Film

POF monolithic film processing:

In a high vacuum state, the metal aluminum is vaporized and evaporated through high temperature, so that the aluminum vapor precipitates and collects the aluminum vapor on the surface of the plastic film, thereby forming a composite flexible packaging material. The aluminized film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture barrier properties, light shielding properties, and fragrance retention properties, which can extend the shelf life of the contents. Because of its beautiful surface, it can also replace aluminum foil at a certain level, which reduces the cost of packaging. It is often used for ordinary small food packaging, such as puffed food, biscuits, and mustard. It is also often used in higher packaging such as medicine, tea, and milk powder. However, after the aluminized film is compounded, signs of aluminized transfer, white spots, tunnels, etc. are extremely easy to occur, which has also brought considerable losses to packaging manufacturers. The above is a small knowledge about coherent packaging materials, which I hope will help to promote the quality of POF Plastic Film.

Skills are constantly improving

Today, skill innovation has given birth to a huge driving force in the packaging industry. POF Plastic Film Exporter strives to create the highest quality POF bag film for consumers on product packaging.

Although the current packaging industry is struggling to embrace new skills, there will still be things that cannot be achieved. For example, the POF bag film products sold in the online market are difficult to distinguish, and it is always difficult for the courier to identify the difference in the package when the product is shipped. If the brand can roughly distinguish the packaging of the goods sold from the packaging of other e-commerce, the effect will be very different.

In fact, nostalgia will continue to exist, natural and simple design, packaging with rich green environmental protection concept will always win the affirmation of consumers, packaging that emphasizes efficacy will also surprise consumers.

Through the promotion and optimization of skills, the domesticization of high-end packaging equipment is just around the corner, and through the continuous application and promotion of high-tech skills, armed and strengthened the industry's group level, China will also continue to progress towards the world packaging center .

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