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What are the Details of the Printing of Cosmetic POF Shrink Film Packaging?

Apr. 20, 2020

In the printing process of cosmetic packaging, quality problems caused by the lack of pre-press plate-making occur frequently. From a waste of materials and man-hours to a waste of products, serious economic losses. To prevent the above problems, POF Shrink Film Manufacturer believes that the following details should be paid attention to.

POF Plastic Film

POF Plastic Film

First, when different types of cosmetic packaging need to be printed on one printing plate, if the products with the same or similar color tone are not placed in the same vertical position during the printing, it is estimated that A products will meet the proofing standard. Product B is basically close to the proofing standard. Product C has slight color difference from the proof, and product D has a large color difference from the proof. Therefore, in the imposition, the products of warm, cool, and middle tones should be put together in the same longitudinal position, so as to print high-quality products.

Second, if the non-graphic part of the cosmetic packaging is placed at the mouth of the imposition, and the trailing tip is not a continuous tone image, it is a flat screen or a solid field, then it is easy to produce "shadow" when printing. Seriously affect product quality.

Third, you should also pay attention to the fact that you can’t save the finished cosmetic packaging line in order to save film, but rely on the printing and printing staff to calculate the position of the mouth and the finished product, which will greatly affect the production efficiency, and it is estimated that it will be because of drying. The printing and printing staff were negligent for a while, leading to a major accident.

Fourth, the output film usually does not contain a pull mark line, but if the mouth and the trailing tip are blank, it will cause great inconvenience to the printing and positioning of cosmetic packaging. In view of the shortcomings of POF Shrink Film, it is necessary to produce a pull gauge marking line on the film. For cosmetic packaging without corrugated cardboard packaging, the pull marking line is made on the body part; for cosmetic packaging with corrugated cardboard packaging, the pull marking line is made toward the outside.

Fifth, ensure that the film meets the printing requirements. After the film is output, carefully check whether the graphics on the film are consistent with the proof.

Sixth, ensure the correct registration between different films. This is because a set of films is generally output in two times, and its overprint accuracy is easily affected by some objective factors. Once the output film has quality problems, it should be re-made.

Seventh, carefully compare the film with the proofs before printing. If the density of the main color film is too large, the exposure time during printing should be added to avoid heavy printing. If the density is small, the printing time should be reduced. Exposure time to avoid loss of dots and affect color reproduction.

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