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Is cost reduction the biggest advantage of POF Shrink Film packaging?

Dec. 16, 2019

Almost any product pursues high quality and low price. POF Plastic Film is no exception. It can be said that reducing costs will become the biggest advantage of POF shrink film packaging. At present, some mechanical fields have relatively low external packaging requirements. POF shrink film instead of carton can save nearly ten million yuan. Many companies have begun to use POF shrink film packaging equipment to achieve rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce equipment occupation of plant area, and ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

Improve the shelf display effect and promote purchases. Take beer companies, for example,  Shrink Film Packaging to improve product quality and promote purchase. Most of its gift box products use POF shrink film packaging. There are two main reasons for its use: 1. diversification of packaging forms, which is conducive to promotion; 2. POF shrink film packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially small-size product cluster packaging. Small-format cluster beer packaging is becoming more and more popular with consumers due to its greater flexibility and portability. As the market demand for small-format cluster beer packaging increases, bottle neck shrink packaging machines will have more room for development. With the rapid development of China's POF shrink film packaging market, the market prospect of POF shrink film is still broad.

POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of POF shrink film for pharmaceutical packaging.

POF Shrink Film for pharmaceutical packaging is a more advanced packaging method in the last century. The mechanically stacked medical supplies are sealed with a POF shrink film, placed in a shrink oven, and the packaging film can be shrunk through the oven.

Features: The equipment is moderately priced, can pack drugs of different shapes and specifications, has high efficiency, can realize automatic continuous production, and the equipment structure is relatively simple. At the same time, there are fewer packaging workers, which reduces packaging production costs compared to packaging in cartons.

Disadvantages: (1) Compared with transparent film three-dimensional packaging of packaging machines, heat shrink film packaging equipment has a larger volume (because of the location of a shrink oven) and a relatively large footprint;

(2) The packaging cost is relatively high, which is about twice that of the three-dimensional packaging of the transparent film of the packaging machine;

(3) The shape of the heat shrinkable film packaging is not beautiful, and the small packaging box after deformation will be deformed;

(4) POF heat shrinkable film needs to be perforated and exhausted, so the moisture-proof performance of the package is poor;

(5) The packaged material needs to be heated in an oven to shrink it, which has a certain impact on drugs, especially biochemical, fat-soluble and heat-sensitive drugs;

(6) POF film heat-sealing, cutting and shrinking oven in the production process produces harmful gases, which will pollute the working environment and harm the physical and mental health of workers, and will also generate a lot of heat to affect the temperature control of the workshop;

(7) The packaging of biochemical drugs, fat-soluble drugs and vaccines that have strict limits on the temperature of the production and storage environment in the pharmacopoeia cannot be met.

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