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The Application Market of Cross Linked Shrink Film Is Huge

Aug. 07, 2018

In terms of packaging containers, the advantages of plastic packaging are obvious in the current situation. It is light and inexpensive, and can be made into various sizes, transparent and opaque. At the same time, the printing performance of plastic bottles is very good. The instructions, signs and bar codes can be printed directly on the surface of the container by means of heat transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods. In recent years, the rapid development of PET resin in cosmetics containers has led to a major change in the use of plastic instead of glass bottles. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetics packaging market, becoming the most important packaging container for cosmetics.

As for the outer packaging membrane, Cross Linked Shrink Film has obvious advantages in the current situation. It has high sealing strength and high shrinkage, and can follow the shape of the product to get a perfect curve. At the same time, the brightness and transparency of the product were 30% higher than that of the same type of shrinkable film. In addition to cross-linked membranes, the membranes currently used include ordinary POF Shrink Film, PVC and BOPP. The two film features are cheap, so the market share is relatively high, but with the increasing demand for packaging, the use of Cross Linked Film will become more and more extensive.

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