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The Cross Linked Shrink Film Replace the PE Shrink Film?

Jul. 27, 2018

The Cross Linked Shrink Film has wide space and absolute advantage for the replacement of PE shrink film, which is in line with the company's high-end positioning in the future. With the production and sales of the Cross linked Film into the mature period, and based on the packaging equipment, product price ratio and demonstration effect, the development of the downstream enterprises will enter the stage of acceleration.

The traditional PE shrink film has good flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance, is not easy to break, and is not afraid of tide. It is widely used in the whole package of liquor, cans, mineral water, beverages, cloth and other products. With the increasing requirements of the manufacturers for packaging, in addition to the need to meet the basic protection requirements for the products, the efficiency of packaging, the shelf effect, and the cost reduction are also needed. The crosslinking shrink film is the best choice.

Crosslinking technology makes KTcross-linked shrink film the most perfect packaging material. Under the same thickness, the cross-linked shrink film has higher tensile strength and heat sealing strength than PE shrink film, and has better diaphaneity and wider shrinkage. And can cooperate with most of the automatic shrink packaging equipment to operate at high speed and improve efficiency.

Cross linked Film