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How to Detect the Shrinkage of POF Shrink Film?

Jul. 26, 2019

POF Shrink Film Factory summarizes the shrinkage test method for Polyolefin Shrink Film.

1. According to the transverse and longitudinal directions of the POF shrink film roll film, 20 samples each with a width of 15.0 mm are cut, that is, 10 sets of samples in the horizontal and vertical directions. Each set of samples is used for heat shrinkage and cold shrinkage. , shrinkage test. The length of the specimen shall be such that there is an effective length of 100 mm between the clamps;

2. Test the thickness of the sample, at least 3 points, and take the average value;

3. Form two round holes on the surface of the sample with a special sample preparation device to facilitate the clamping of the sample;

Polyolefin Shrink Film

4. Take any three sets of Polyolefin Shrink Film samples in the horizontal or vertical direction and clamp them to the three sets of fixtures of the equipment. Each set of clamps includes two sample clamps respectively equipped with force value sensor and displacement sensor. The clamped specimen shall be completely straight and the force sensor shall be free from force;

5. Set the test parameters such as test temperature and end temperature, click the start test option, and the test starts;

6. When the temperature in the heating chamber of the equipment reaches the test temperature, the sample is automatically entered into the cabin. The test starts to be timed. The sample is contracted by heat and generates heat shrinkage force. When the heat shrinkage force reaches the set condition, the sample is automatically taken out. After that, the sample is automatically taken out. The force produced is the cold shrinkage force. The equipment automatically records and displays in real time the heat shrinkage, cold shrinkage, and shrinkage of the sample during the test. After the test, the equipment shows the shrinkage rate, heat shrinkage force and cold shrinkage force of each group of samples;

7. Repeat the operation of 3~5 until all the 10 sets of samples in the horizontal and vertical directions are tested.