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Do you know the POF Shrink Film?

Jun. 29, 2018

In the fast packaging film,our high quality Ultra Polyolefin shrink wrap film (POF shrink film)was created to supply the best attributes of PVC movie -- simplicity of sealing and shrinking -- without its demerits -- the problems associated with use and storage. All Polyolefin shrink wrap film merchandise produce fumes on sealing so it is also appropriate to use venting. The shrink window of polyolefin is not quite as flat as with PVC and hence, packaging equipment normally must be of reasonable standard to provide a good shrink wrap result.

Ultra Polyolefin shrink films are offered as multi-layer complexes. These layers include polyethylene and polypropylene in a variety of forms. At the top end of the range irradiation is employed and gives the material particularly strong seal and puncture and tear resistance characteristics.

Wrapped-pears custom ultra polyolefin shrink films are also formulated to offer low shrink force whilst they have also been expanded to food usage, where anti fog is accessible. Further enhancements include printing as well as pre-perforation which offers invaluable advantages in production.

POF Shrink Film