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Edible Plastic Packaging Film Leads The Food Packaging Industry

Apr. 26, 2019

In recent years, sustainable packaging and green packaging have become hot topics in the food packaging industry. Sustainability has penetrated into all aspects of food packaging, driven by multiple factors such as retailer demand, public awareness, economic pressures (especially petroleum products) and government policies. Relevant scientific research institutions and packaging companies have begun to study the preparation and performance of new edible plastic packaging films. As a POF Plastic Film Exporter, we also need to work hard.

Ordinary packaging, while facilitating people's lives, also produces packaging waste. This adds to the burden of the environment and increases the possibility of wasting resources. With the rapid development of the food technology and packaging industry, many new packaging materials and packaging forms continue to emerge. Among them, experts believe that edible environmentally friendly packaging materials will lead the sustainable development of the food packaging industry.

Low Temperature Shrink Film

The recycled packaging materials are mainly plastic packaging. After being treated by physical methods, they can be made into recycled packaging containers. After chemical treatment, they can be made into recycled packaging products. The repeated packaging materials are mainly used to package glass bottles for beer, beverages, etc. Can be used multiple times. However, these two methods are in the ointment, only reducing the pollution of the environment, and finally facing the problem of polluting the environment. With the concept of low-carbon environmental protection becoming the main theme of society, many fields are being practiced, as is the field of packaging materials.

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