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Simple and Environmentally Friendly Packaging - Pof Shrink Film

Aug. 03, 2019

POF Shrink Film is a new type of heat shrinkable packaging material. Because it is easy to recycle, non-toxic, tasteless, and good performance, especially in the current environmental protection, heat shrinkable film is widely used in various packaging fields. The heat shrinkable film is stable at normal temperature and shrinks the film upon heating. The shrinkage rate is as high as 60%.

Polyolefin Shrink Film is close to the periphery of the product, transparent and decent, good anti-scatter, energy saving, safe and pollution-free. Widely used in food, medicine, packaging: disinfection tableware, stationery, gifts, printing products, metal plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and other products. This has been closely related to our lives, facilitating our production and life.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

In the context of the highly developed commodity economy, POF Shrink Film Factory believes that packaging has become an important process for the circulation of goods, which enables the circulation of goods, shelf display, and consumer end use. Both have far-reaching effects. POF Shrink Film packaging makes the packaging more green, lighter and more compact, which is an ideal packaging method.

POF Shrink Film is a packaging film with high surface gloss, good flexibility, low carbon environmental protection and wide applicability. With the application of the POF heat shrinkable film process, the POF heat shrinkable film gradually replaces other films and becomes a mainstream packaging film.