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3 Factors Affecting The Heat Seal Strength Of POF Shrink Film 1

May. 20, 2019

In actual production, each manufacturer controls the heat seal strength as one of the most important quality indicators, both for bag making products and for coil products for automatic packaging lines. As a POF Plastic Film Exporter,we combine the experience in actual production to make a simple analysis of the factors affecting the heat seal strength of heat shrinkable film:

1. Heat sealing temperature: The heat sealing temperature directly affects the heat sealing strength of plastic composite packaging products.

POF Shrink Film

2. Heat sealing time: The heat sealing time of the automatic packaging machine or the old bag making machine is determined by the machine speed. In the case where the heat sealing temperature and the heat sealing pressure are constant, the longer the heat sealing time, the stronger the bonding between the heat sealing layers. However, if the heat sealing time is too long, wrinkles and unevenness may occur in the heat-sealed portion of the POF Shrink Film, which seriously affects the appearance quality of the product.