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What Are The Heat Treatment Methods For POF Shrink Film?

May. 07, 2019

The heat shrinkable film is widely used in industry and life, and can be used for its packaging function in food or other articles. Then, what kind of heat treatment method does POF Shrink Film have? As a POF Plastic Film Exporter, let us introduce for everyone.

POF Shrink Film

1. The heat shrinkable film is a qualified shrink film only if it can maintain a stable attitude under high temperature working conditions.

2. A good heat shrinkable film is tested at a high temperature of 500 degrees. It is allowed to be packaged under different temperature conditions to check if it is dissolved. If it is, the quality of the heat shrinkable film is not enough. All normal heat shrinkable film can be put into use.

3. Test and package POF Shrink Film at different temperatures. If the packaging is normal, if the packaging is not strong, the heat treatment of the heat shrinkable film is qualified.